When I first realized that I wanted to work as an artist in theme parks, I was about 15 years old. Having lived in and about the Los Angeles reign, I went to Disneyland & Knotts Berry Farm, a lot, I loved the creativity of them, who knew it would take me twenty-five years before I would become a significant contributor, and help to “Make the Magic”.

I started sculpting in high school. It was a natural form of artistic expression for me. My creative inspirations ran the gamut, but my primary interest was manipulating the human face. Make-up Effects was a natural path for me to follow. I got my start at the age of twenty, working for Roger Corman. At the “School of Corman” one does a little bit of everything. For myself, this included Rotoscoping, working in the model shop, assisting in the Camera and Art departments, and eventually finding my way into make-up. Particularly, special effects, prosthetics, monsters and dead things. My career as a Special Effects Make-up Artist flourished for fifteen years. Notable projects included my skills as Key Artist for several of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise films, the “Critters” franchise, and the H.P. Lovecraft cult-film “The Unnamable”.

When I experienced my first digital “morph” in the 1988 film “Willow”, I saw the writing on the wall. The digital world had arrived! I taught myself Photoshop and never looked back. I’ve always been fascinated with special effects. Star Wars became one of the biggest influences in my early career. Yes, I know everyone says that, but it’s appropriate to give credit where credit is due!

So here I am today; a cross platform “Digital Ronin” with an emphasis in media production for various theme parks. Most recently Ive been working with Warner Bros Studios Tours on the widely popular “Horror Made Here”. I’ve managed projects and installed multiple video projections for Walt Disney’s Imagineering at Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Seas, Euro Disney Paris, Disney World Florida, and Disneyland, Anaheim, Hong Kong, & Shanghai – including such favorite attractions as “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The Haunted Mansion”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Peter Pan”, “Space Mountain” rides and many more.

I love the work that I do. I’m always thinking of exciting, cutting edge ways to push the envelope and to give theme park visitors a truly memorable experience that keeps them coming back for more!

Chris Biggs did an amazing job for us on the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough back in 2008. His animation rivaled that of what we would have gotten by going the “traditional” route – yet he was able to make it look like it came from the 1959 film. He was also able to do some pre-viz samples for us, allowing the team to see what the show scenes would look like in final form, and make the appropriate adjustments in the computer, instead of in the field. His animation of Maleficent turning into the Dragon is one of the highlights of the walkthrough – a scene that Marty Sklar said would have made Ken Anderson proud! I agree with that statement.

– Christopher Merritt, Show Designer, Walt Disney Imagineering

I worked closely with Chris on a major dark ride attraction for Disney California and hold his creative skills in high regard. Chris is dedicated to his work and consistently follows through, even when the project requires long and odd hours in the field to reach completion. I value his creative input and judgement and look forward to working with him again.

– Larry Nikolai, Principal Concept Designer/Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris generated a lot of the effects-projection media for our attraction “The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure”- bubbles, waterlines, etc. He quickly understood the needs of the attraction and was able to generate media to match. He worked quickly and independently, and took creative direction. We oftentimes would get a first-pass verification which helped speed along our process. Our effort was a success with his help.

– Chris Bodden, Show Program Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris is a remarkable talent, helping meet numerous creative challenges with well thought out and spot on visual solutions. We worked on a variety of projects, each time he was there 110% with energy and vast technical knowledge coupled with a great aesthetic to match the creative vision.

– Rick Rothschild, Executive Show Director, SVP, Walt Disney Imagineering

I worked with Chris on several projects at WDI, and before. He is a superb digital artist and media creator. I have found him to be imaginative, engaged and resourceful every time. He has an incredibly broad background that includes physical modeling and make-up, so he understands what real things should look like, and what magical things should feel like. He is fast, intuitive, and a pleasure to work with.

– Luc Mayrand, Creative Director/ Senior Show Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris was terrific to work with, very professional, timely and always delivering more than you asked for or expected. He also has a sense of humor which ranks very high in my opinion. It gives people an objectivity with their work that’s invaluable.

– George Scribner, Animation Director Contractor, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris’ vast experience with Visual Effects Design and Production has been a life saver on a variety of projects at Walt Disney Imagineering. Chris mastered the task of digital mapping on complex 3D surfaces long before Projection Mapping was “cool”. He is a total team player and works hard to deliver the creative vision as intended and his work speaks for itself. He is an After Effects Magician!

– Thomas LaDuke, Principal Production Designer Digital Scenery, Walt Disney Imagineering

Our team worked with Chris on portrait on a canvas that magically comes to life. His eye for this magical transformation was valued by the entire team once we all saw the fruits of his labors. On a second occasion, Chris created video imagery of a pixie dust trail on a model in motion for the Cinderella Fairy Tale Hall at Tokyo Disneyland. This too was a magical transformation that left the viewer wondering “How did they do that?” True magic the Christopher Biggs way, that’s how.

– Alec Scribner, Sr. Show Producer/Director, Walt Disney Imagineering

I have seen Chris work magic, creating amazing results from limited assets and constrained by impossible technical requirements. I enjoy working with Chris; he works ethically, honesty and with humor. He is a fantastic artist and his mad computer skills to put him over the top.

– Jonathan Ackley, Senior Director, Show Producer Interactive, Walt Disney Imagineering