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Chris Biggs did an amazing job for us on the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough back in 2008. His animation rivaled that of what we would have gotten by going the “traditional” route – yet he was able to make it look like it came from the 1959 film. He was also able to do some pre-viz samples for us, allowing the team to see what the show scenes would look like in final form, and make the appropriate adjustments in the computer, instead of in the field. His animation of Maleficent turning into the Dragon is one of the highlights of the walkthrough – a scene that Marty Sklar said would have made Ken Anderson proud! I agree with that statement.

– Christopher Merritt, Show Designer, Walt Disney Imagineering

I worked closely with Chris on a major dark ride attraction for Disney California and hold his creative skills in high regard. Chris is dedicated to his work and consistently follows through, even when the project requires long and odd hours in the field to reach completion. I value his creative input and judgement and look forward to working with him again.

– Larry Nikolai, Principal Concept Designer/Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris generated a lot of the effects-projection media for our attraction “The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure”- bubbles, waterlines, etc. He quickly understood the needs of the attraction and was able to generate media to match. He worked quickly and independently, and took creative direction. We oftentimes would get a first-pass verification which helped speed along our process. Our effort was a success with his help.

– Chris Bodden, Show Program Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris was a remarkable talent, helping meet numerous creative challenges with well thought out and spot on visual solutions. We worked on a variety of projects, each time he was there 110% with energy and vast technical knowledge coupled with a great aesthetic to match the creative vision.

– Rick Rothschild, Executive Show Director, SVP, Walt Disney Imagineering

 I worked with Chris on several projects at WDI, and before. He is a superb digital artist and media creator. I have found him to be imaginative, engaged and resourceful every time. He has an incredibly broad background that includes physical modeling and make-up, so he understands what real things should look like, and what magical things should feel like. He is fast, intuitive, and a pleasure to work with.

– Luc Mayrand, Creative Director/ Senior Show Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering

Our team worked with Chris on portrait on a canvas that magically comes to life. His eye for this magical transformation was valued by the entire team once we all saw the fruits of his labors. On a second occasion, Chris created video imagery of a pixie dust trail on a model in motion for the Cinderella Fairy Tale Hall at Tokyo Disneyland. This too was a magical transformation that left the viewer wondering “How did they do that?” True magic the Christopher Biggs way, that’s how.

– Alec Scribner, Sr. Show Producer/Director, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris was terrific to work with, very professional, timely and always delivering more than you asked for or expected. 

He also has a sense of humor which ranks very high in my opinion. It gives people an objectivity with their work that’s invaluable.

– George Scribner, Animation Director Contractor, Walt Disney Imagineering

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Christopher Biggs on multiple projects at Walt Disney Imagineering, and would recommend him for any group requiring the services he provides. I would work with Christopher again on anything without thinking twice. 

He was always on top of deadlines and deliverables, always understood creative direction exceedingly well, always offered a keen eye for suggestions to make the work better, and always seemed to get his projects to the field and installed and tested and turned over without any difficulties whatsoever. If he was assigned, you just knew that the work would get done and that it would be of very high caliber. When changes were made in the field he was always able to react and respond in a very timely manner. As an art director or creative lead on a project, having him there meant there was one less thing to worry about and we could all focus on producing the best show possible. 

Long story short, every experience I’ve had in working with Christopher has been an absolute pleasure, without fail. I hope to work with him again soon. 

– Alex Wright, Sr. Show Designer, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris’ vast experience with Visual Effects Design and Production has been a life saver on a variety of projects at Walt Disney Imagineering. Chris mastered the task of digital mapping on complex 3D surfaces long before Projection Mapping was “cool”. He is a total team player and works hard to deliver the creative vision as intended and his work speaks for itself. He is an After Effects Magician!

– Thomas LaDuke, Principal Production Designer Digital Scenery, Walt Disney Imagineering

I worked with Chris on a few projects for Walt Disney Imagineering providing 3D animated elements for Theme Park projects he was in charge of. He couldn’t be better suited for the job he does for WDI. The jobs were very unique and required a wide range of needs both creatively and technically. I’ve always thought of Chris as a MacGyver type for his ability to handle these projects. He’s crafty, resourceful and very creative both aesthetically and in his approach to the work. He’s a master with Adobe After Effects and generated a lot of content. In addition he also handled all the installation of the media at the park itself which offered its own unique challenges of working within the physical constraints there. Always a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again.

– Rob Dressel, Freelance Animator, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris was an integral member of the visual efx team on a variety of projects over the course of approximately five years. His attention to detail and terrific creative eye combined to create stellar results. We’ve all heard about giving 110%, Chris lived it. On location or in the office, Chris gave his all and then some to turn in the best work possible.

– Linda Folsom, Sr. Production Executive, Theme Park Productions/WDI

Chris brings a wealth of creative and technical knowledge from his extensive experience in both practical and digital visual effects. Chris is passionate about what he does, always ready to accept a challenge and work hard to bring it to fruition.

– John Murrah, CG Supervisor, Dream Quest Images

Christopher Biggs is not only an amazing After effects guru and visual effects supervisor, but also a kindhearted, fun, and amiable person in general. Chris is always willing to help and offer up his expertise to anyone in need, and offer it in a graceful and friendly manner. He is very knowledgeable in all kinds of visual effects (including practical), and the level of his work is always high caliber and production quality. Oh, and he’s also a great cook!

– Mike Arana, Associate Concept Designer, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chris has shown his amazing skills on a number of different projects at Walt Disney Imagineering. He has a sharp design sense and works FAST!! I’ve always been amazed at the ease with which Chris delivers fantastic visual effects that really make a difference to our guests and provide a more immersive overall experience. 

Additionally, Chris and I were able to work together on a small film project for which he provided many of our fx shots. Utilizing green screen and computer generated imagery, Chris was able to place our actors in locations that could only be imagined due to budget restraints. Not only following the direction that was given him but also “plussing” that direction by adding subtle details made Chris an invaluable partner on that project.

– Brian Crosby, Dimensional Designer, Walt Disney Imagineering

Christopher was hired as a compositing and effects specialist for a music video shot on greenscreen. His presence on the set helped guarantee that we got the footage we needed and added an extra creative eye to the process. The video was shot in a single day and we got enough coverage to actually make a second music video. Very effective and streamlined production with a superb outcome. I would welcome the opportunity to call upon Christopher in the future.

– Julie Blore-Bizot, hired Christopher as a Compositing/VFX Superviser in 2010

Chris brings a wealth of ability and experience, both technical and artistic, to the SFX animation and motion graphics process.

– Thomas Leach, Principal Audio.Video Engineer, Walt Disney Imagineering

Chis is a master craftsman on multiple levels. He is also just a really great guy to work with. If you are looking for the real deal, look no further. 

– Jessica Westbrook, Disney English – Interactive Producer, Walt Disney Consumer Products

I have seen Chris work magic, creating amazing results from limited assets and constrained by impossible technical requirements. I enjoy working with Chris; he works ethically, honesty and with humor. He is a fantastic artist and his mad computer skills to put him over the top.

– Jonathan Ackley, Senior Director, Show Producer Interactive, Walt Disney Imagineering


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