Nightmare on Elm Street

Iron Man

NoES5 Iron man on Bike
NoES5 Ironman head sculpt 2
NoES5 Ironman head Sculpt
NoES5 Ironman head sculpt copy
NoES5 Ironman head sculpt3
NoES5 Iron man copy
NoES5 Iron man LS
NoES5 Iron man RS
NoES5 Iron man Front
NoES5 Iron man Silly Copy
NoES5 Iron man head Copy
NoES5 Ironman Back copy
NoES5 Ironman gloves copy
NoES5 Iron man in MU Trailer3 
NoES5 Iron man_Hand copy
NoES5 Iron man On set 4

On Set

NoES5 Iron man dan 1st part
NoES5 Iron man Dan 1st part 2

The process


“Real World” Injuries for Dan
“NoES5” Dan’s wounds in real world
NoES5 Dan real world injuries
NoES4 Robert E on set “Zoe dead doll”

Shelia’s Death

portrayed by Toy Newkirk

NoES4 Robert E on set “Zoe

Behind the Scenes


NoES4 Robert E on set “Zoe dead doll” checking tonsels
NoES4 Robert E on set “Zoe Suck Head” 2

Sculpting the Resurrection

NoES4 Freddy resurrection_Torso_Sculpt
NoES4 Freddy’s corpus level 3 (better contrast)
NoES4 Freddy resurrection_Skin melt torso CU

Freddie’s Resurrection

NoES4 Freddy resurrection muscle head
NoES4 Freddy resurrection muscle head face
NoES4 Freddy resurrection muscle head detail
NoES4 Freddy resurrection_Hand
NoES4 Freddy resurrection_Final Skin head-Torso
NoES4 Chest Burn
NoES4 Alice skin painting
NoES4 Alice Sculpt
NoES4 Alice burning head internal mech

Kristen’s Death

portrayed by Tuesday Knight