Portrayed C. J. Graham

After being killed and buried in Friday the 13th Part V, Jason is brought back to life with a healthy nod to Frankenstein. I got the joy of creating the “UnDead” Jason.

Fri13-6 jasons Face
Fri13-6 jasons hand_Sculpt

Sculpting the Rot

(Give me a hand)

I created the hands for a mechanical effect. Jason’s hand coming out the front of a chest holding his still-beating heart I started with a hand-cast of the stuntman playing Jason. I poured wax into the mold and then carved them down to the bone structure. The hands were molded in silicone and hard plastic positives were cast. I then sculpted the rotting flesh on those. In the photos, you’ll notice some black spots. While working on the wax for the bones, I discovered an alcohol squeeze torch for jewelry making. I used that to burn the edges of the wounds to make them bubbly which looked like the swelling that occurs in rotting wounds.

Fri13-6 jasons hand palm
Fri13-6 jasons hand back of hand detail
Fri13-6 jasons hand back of hand

Why Spend Hours in the Make-Up Trailer

I’m not sure who came up with the Idea of a hood for Jason when he has his hockey mask on but it’s brilliant. we took it to the next level… After sculpting the hood, I did an alginate snap off the face and the hood and sculpted the face to blend into the hood, reducing the application time in half.

Fri13-6 jasons head hood_LS
Fri13-6 jasons head hood RS
Fri13-6 jasons head hood_Back