Dark Side of the Moon

“Dark Side of the Moon” haging by guts 2(Earlier Version)
“Dark Side of the Moon” haging by guts(Earlier Version)

This was one of the hardest movies I’ve ever worked on. They have a demon in the story, but the director, D. J. Webster didn’t want a demon, or at least not in the conventional way. They wanted a man strung up by his own intestines, so we created a huge web of intestines. Ultimately, the director decided to just cover the harness the actor was hanging by. In the script, the demon had horns emerging from his head, but the director wanted them to come out of his hands instead. Per the script, we also created a giant mechanical tail coming out of the demon’s belly. Overall, the biggest challenges we faced were all of the changes presented to us on set, the very same day it was scheduled to shoot. I feel like we really went to bat for this production with all of the unique challenges we faced. I’m proud of the work we did and the effort of my crew to achieve the best possible outcome every day on set.

“Dark Side of the Moon” haging by guts3 (Earlier Version)
“Dark Side of the Moon” Making guts
Dark side of the Moon Horn hands preped

Demon portrayed by Alan Blumenfeld

Dark Side of the Moon Belly pre tentacle bursting out
Dark Side of the Moon Belly Appliance for tentacle to protrude
Dark Side of the Moon Allan in full rotting demon make-up
Dark Side of the Moon Triangle wound (earlier version of film)
Dark Side of the Moon Standard priest with cross burned it forehead